Generating Over 2 Lakhs+ Views on LinkedIn Posts & Generating High Intent Leads [Case Study]

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7 min readAug 1, 2020

Happy! Happy!🤩

Last two week have been one of the greatest weeks for us, you know why?

Being a LinkedIn community member, it feels great when others appreciate your post in terms of views, likes and comments.

The best part is that the last few posts gave us equivalent leads which we usually generate in a month. So, yes you can say more views on LinkedIn posts matters

Not one or two, but three posts got thousands of views, and two of them got views in Lakhs. These things might look simple, but it is not simple at all. Our agency, Brand Samosa, has worked on various aspects, and then we get these worthwhile results.

LinkedIn is a platform which appreciates those content which is good enough and can resonate with people.

But how will you find out which content is suitable for the audience and which one is not? We will be sharing our experience with you, it will help you to get the answer to all your questions.

What will be the takeaways from this post?

You will understand,

  1. How to create a trending post?
  2. What makes a post engaging?

The important thing is we will be sharing images of a few of our posts which got views in lakhs. This will help you to understand the essential points with the help of pictures. Let’s start

Structure of Viral Post

  1. Hook line(works like a magnet)
  2. Content (information)
  3. Storyline
  4. Call To Action

1. Hook Line

When you have decided about the length of the post, then the first thing which you have to think is about the “hook line”. Usually, the first line or the first two lines are the most important lines for getting more views on Linkedin posts. As an audience, when you scroll up or down, what makes you stop at a specific post? The magnetic line which attracts your attention towards itself, this happens due to the hook lines. If you don’t have a catchy line, no one is going to read your post.

The magnetic line which attracts your attention towards itself is always due to the hook lines. If you don’t have a catchy line, no one is going to read your post.

2. Value Quality Content over Quantity Content

When you are thinking about creating content always try to give a personal touch to your content. Try to create curiosity.

Look at the above post, the first line, the image, everything is reflecting towards only one thing and that is curiosity. See, how curiosity has attracted people towards the post, the number of comments are the proof. Try to encourage curiosity through your content, next time when you are creating content.

3. Storyline

One of the most crucial things which drive the audience to any post is the art of storytelling. You have to build a moment which will hold the attention of the user. Try to create a scene through your story, and this will help the reader to create a picture of the post. By this, the reader feels connected to your content and it encourages him/her to react on the posts which eventually leads to more views on LinkedIn posts.

Go through this post; this one is the perfect example of the storyline:

4. Call-to-Action is the key to Engagement

Always try to add a strong call to action to your post. Without CTA, it becomes hard to get a good number of engagement, again a good number of engagement strengthens the reach of your post.

Have a look at this image:

*Note- the above image of the LinkedIn post is not from Brand Samosa. This is shared just for your help.

Apart from all these few points will also help you to build a trending post which brings many leads for your business.

5 Tips that will Make Your Posts Go Viral

1. Try to be consistent

Keep in mind that being consistent on this platform is necessary; always try to engage with your connections. On LinkedIn, just like any other social media platform, it’s essential to learn to post regularly enough to get noticed, but don’t unnecessarily post too much that it bothers/spam your connections, by this you may drive leads away. Be regular and focus on the quality of the content.

2. Visuals act as a Magnet

Though none of our viral posts had visuals, there was another thing which helped to get those huge number of views on LinkedIn posts, let’s discuss that point later.

The more visuals you can put to your content, the better. While you don’t want to convert the content you publish on LinkedIn into a storybook, it’s smart to add each post with a relevant visual. Since adding visuals to your posts provide a surety that your post will be featuring correctly in LinkedIn’s publishing algorithm. Also, good visuals are more attention-grabbing as compared to texts.

3. Length of the post which is suitable for the LinkedIn Algorithm

When you are writing any content, always keep in mind about the length. No, one is going to read a post which is too long, see the quality is an essential part but quantity also matters. You cannot write a post which is too short and too long, there should always be a balance depending on what kind of information you are going to share with the audience.

Brand samosa has created many viral posts, and the reason behind it is the structure of the post.

This post is the perfect example; see the length of the post; anyone will love to read this post. It’s not looking messy. Right?

4. Use Proper Hashtags

Always create your content with an appropriate LinkedIn hashtag in mind. These hashtags are related to your topic or niche with huge audiences that may be divided into Leadership and Management followers. Hashtags permit the Linkedin community to pay attention to topics that matter most to them, and in return build better engagement for you. If your content can get the spotlight in any of these groups, it can go viral.

Remember that your hashtags must be carefully chosen with this specific audience in mind.

5. Content Distribution is Must

Remember one thing, nothing happens until we apply external force. Same works here, writing beautiful content and adding visual is not the only thing which will make your post viral.

Distribution is one of the important keys of trending post, We at Brand Samosa do the same thing. We distribute our content via a different medium, one of the most effective ways is to distribute in the relevant groups. You can also distribute through emails.

When you tell people about your creation, it becomes easy for them to connect with your post. Always distribute your post.

We hope this case study will help all of you.
Now let’s talk about the results we got by creating the Trending Posts.

Number of Views

Leads Generated from Views

We hope this article was helpful.🙂
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