How Brand Samosa Is Helping a Manufacturing Business in Their Lead Generation and Better Sales Conversion?

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Nandan GSE, founded in 1991, is one of the rare firms in India to surpass 3 levels of ISO Certification — ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018. A leading designer and manufacturer of Specialized Material Handling Systems used in Aviation GSE, Aerospace, Defense, Material Handling, Car Parking, etc.

Companies Deals in Above Products

Challenge Faced By Client

1. Not Enough Qualified Leads For Sales Team

Our client bought a B2B Leads Database of 14 Lacs Leads from third-party database providers.

But the team was not able to generate new leads that were interested in buying their product.

2. Not Able to Close Sales Through Cold-Calling

Even though the clients had a database of 14 Lacs Leads but they were still struggling to convert these leads.

The reasons were simple. The leads didn’t know about the client and didn’t have the requirement for the product.

That’s why the sales conversions were low.

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What Did We Do?

1. Optimized Online Brand Presence

Brand Samosa created a brand strategy to position the client as an expert and authority figure in their domain and optimized all the social media handles for clients.

Optimized Their Personal Profile on LinkedIn
Optimized Their Business Profile on LinkedIn

We also created content for their potential clients to create brand awareness and differentiation

Process We Followed For The Online Brand Optimization:

2. Build Highly Potential Clients In their Network

Brand Samosa formulated a LinkedIn Marketing strategy to target potential customers that were more likely to buy their product. We targetted customers based on the following parameters:

  1. Designation
  2. Company Size
  3. Company Revenue
  4. Company Industry

We prepared a highly-personalized outreach message for the potential customers and started the outreach process.

3. Optimized Their Website For Lead Generation

Brand Samosa helped the client in the optimization of the website to make it more conversion friendly. Implemented Strategies that helped them generate more leads without increasing the traffic on the website.

Optimized the Landing Page for Lead Generation

4. Optimized Their Sales Operations

We worked with the sales team to increase their sales productivity and overall sales operations by implementing marketing and sales CRM that helped them track:

Tools Implemented for Clients in the Complete Project

The tools we implemented the complete the project are below:

  1. LinkedIn: To build a personal brand and create personal connections with potential customers.
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: To find and target the potential customers with the paying capacity and need of their product.
  3. Zapier: To integrate different platforms like LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and HubSpot together to automate the workflow.
  4. HubSpot: To capture the leads generated and make the sales team more productive and capture the analytics of the sales team.
  5. To write the copies for the marketing campaigns and different platforms.
  6. SendInBlue: To create touchpoints with potential customers and educate them regarding the product.
  7. QuillBot: To create engaging valuable posts, articles, and other content for their website, profile, and different platforms.



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