How Students can use Linkedin to get an Internship?

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2 min readJul 24, 2019


Linkedin has become one of the most popular social media platforms to find jobs and internships with its new specialized algorithm and the ability to connect better. It focuses on professional relationships and growing connection.

A lot of students already know about it, but in case you don’t, do not worry. Once you get the hang of how it is done, especially establishing connections, it gets even easier.

Here are the steps you should do –

1. Build your Profile.

On Linkedin, your profile defines you. Make it as professional as possible and do not forget to fill in your past experiences and your skills as an individual, your internships, your volunteering and etc. Your Linkedin profile is almost like your online resume, hence it is important to make it as detailed as possible. Be Authentic and Honest. Also, make sure your profile photo is recognizable & presentable.

2. Find people you want to do an Internship With.

Yes, finding the right kind of people, and most importantly your MENTOR (from whom you want to learn) and the right decision is the key. Building your network is extremely important. It’s important to have a good Mentor and a boss at the early stage of your career. Be very choosy in finding a Mentor for yourself. Find someone like whom you want to become.

3. Engage with who you want to Work with.

You can actively comment and share your views with the people you want to work with, in their posts. Do it FOR A MONTH straight until you are recognizable to them This helps them to recognize you and understand your views and opinions beforehand.

4. Approach them.

The people you want to work with now, know and recognize you. Because you’re commenting on their post from Last 1 Month.

Now, you can simply approach them — By a Message or even a call.

You can directly ask if they have any Internship Opportunity, or not?

And, your chances are Very High Now!!

Go and start searching for the right Internship now!



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