Quality lead vs. Quantity lead: What is More Important?

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2 min readApr 21, 2021


The battle between quality and quantity in marketing is real, especially for B2B marketers. Be it in content, leads, customers, etc. It goes on forever. Leads are an important part of a business. They define the success and profitability for them.

What is important for B2B marketers in Led gen strategy?

B2B sales cycles are super lengthy; that is why leads are very important as they determine the success of a business. Leads are the people or a company who has shown interest in what your company does, and it is your job to keep them interested to a point where they buy from you. The battle between quality and quantity of leads is such a huge discussion, and research firms are constantly digging in to find answers for this.

According to research by Ascend2, 70% of B2B marketers cite improving the quality of leads as the most important objective of a lead generation strategy.

That is surprising to see that 7 out of 10 marketers believe that leads are more important. And this is the main objective of their lead gen strategy.

But in the same study, 54% of marketers also stated that an important objective of their lead generation strategy is the number of leads. That is, more than half of the marketers believe in just generating more leads.

This study clearly states that lead’ quality is more important than the quality of information for most marketers. It is because of the culture of an organization and what metrics are important for business owners.

Marketers who believe quality leads are the most important are those who have connected their lead generation with their sales pipeline. This kind of marketing and sales has become common with the shifts that digital marketing has caused in this relationship. It is no secrete that as leads quality increases, so does the sales pipeline.

At Brand Samosa, a B2B lead generation agency in India, we strive to achieve both quality and quantity leads for our clients. More leads with high quality are how we increase business profitability for our clients.

Quality over quantity:
Marketers who demand quality leads don’t have their metrics house in order. Companies require more leads, but they fail to understand its impact on their sales. Of course, it is important to generate more leads, but once they reach the metrics level of maturity, they won’t get more deals if they are not attracting quality leads.

The takeaway is that these companies should generate more leads and focus on generating quality leads for their company. Determining your quality prospects is the requirement of modern marketing techniques. Whether you decide it through the content they consume, lead scoring model, or end-to-end report structure. It is an important procedure.



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